Ostomy Protector Seatbelt


Ostomy Protector Seatbelt

Welcome to Ostomy Protector.com.  We provide a solution to the hassle of traveling when you have an Ostomy.  Our product eliminates the stress put on your Ostomy pouch by offsetting the pressure applied by a vehicle seatbelt.

Ostomy Protector Seatbelt easily attaches to the seatbelt on cars, trucks, or airplanes to make traveling comfortable and worry-free. Keep one in each vehicle or RV.

Ostomy Protector Seatbelt is made in the USA, is affordable, and easily allows for traveling comfort for anyone with an ostomy, or even a pacemaker or heart-assist device.

Ostomy Protector Seatbelt

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The Ostomy Protector Seatbelt is currently available in black only and is made in the USA.  (vehicle seatbelt is not included)

 Ostomy Protector Seatbelt costs $34.95 plus shipping & handling. 

California sales tax is applied to the purchase when applicable.

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You will be redirected to PAYPAL  to make the purchase.

Ostomy Protector Seatbelt was designed for use during traveling in any form of transportation where a seat belt comes into use.


By offsetting the pressure placed on your Ostomy pouch, you can stop worrying that your seatbelt will create friction on the ostomy pouch, causing the skin barrier or pouch to leak, and travel worry-free from mishaps.

In 2010 my grandfather had Urostomy surgery.  After surgery,  whenever he tried to travel he encountered a problem with the vehicle seat belt creating stress on the stoma and ostomy pouch. 

The resulting “leaks” were embarrassing and inconvenient.  We were searching (and praying) for an answer which led to the development of the Ostomy Protector Seatbelt. Since then, vehicle traveling has been trouble free. 

Please spend a few minutes reading the testimonials below.  If you have used the Ostomy Protector Seatbelt and would like to leave an additional testimony, please email it to us. (Personal information will not be shared)



I received the Ostomy Protector Seatbelt on 10/18/14 and immediately put it on my seat belt and drove around the block.  Sunday the 19th I used it again; in fact I left it in my car.  I drove to church which is about 20 miles one way.  It worked wonderfully!

 Mary P.  - AL

 The devices are very effective and easy to use.  I use them both in automobiles and on airliners.  The orders come quickly and recently,  when she lowered the price, she gave me a refund – even though I bought before the price was lowered.  This company is a joy to deal with.

Brian D. L.  - NM

 I recently purchased your Ostomy Protector Seatbelt at the UOAA Conference in Florida.  I placed it on my seat belt in a matter of seconds.  There is no confinement or pressure on my ostomy.  I am so pleased with the product and highly recommend it to anyone with an ostomy to give it a try.  They’ll love it the first time they use it.

Catherine F.  - GA
I love my Ostomy Protector Seatbelt!  I had nearly wrecked my car several times struggling with my seat belt while driving.  From the moment I installed my Ostomy Protector on the seat belt, all the problems were solved.  I feel confident driving again thanks to the Ostomy Protector!

 Victoria  - FL

Ostomy Protection While Traveling

 On The Go  - Uses In Other Vehicles or Airplanes

The Ostomy Protector Seatbelt can easily be reversed and the stiff Velcro strap tucked into pants/skirt waistband and covered by an outside worn shirt or blouse.  See below:

Wearing the Ostomy Protector Seatbelt tucked into the pants/skirt waistband will help protect you whenriding in someone else’s vehicle, airplane or rental car without attaching it to that vehicle’s seat belt.  This will help eliminate the possibility of forgetting and leaving the Ostomy Protector Seatbelt behind in another vehicle or when disembarking from an airplane.


How it Works

The Ostomy Protector Seatbelt consists of two dual-sided (one firm, one softer) cushioned rectangular blocks, connected by a strap, which are positioned on each side of the ostomy pouch between the body and the seat belt, creating a pressure-free span over the ostomy pouch. 

The blocks are thick, holding the seatbelt away from the stoma/pouch, and are attached firmly to the seat belt by Velcro straps.  The straps remain attached to the seatbelt when you exit the vehicle.  The Ostomy Protector Seatbelt is very discreet and if seen, probably would not be recognized by most people.


Great Product!   The Ostomy Protector Seatbelt is a wonderful product!  I want to salute you for inventing it!  I wear an ostomy pouch and a small amount of urine would make it uncomfortable to have the seat belt across it.  The Ostomy Protector provides the relief I have wanted for many years.  I highly recommend the product and I will talk about it when our ostomy support group meets next month.

Ronald O.  - MN

This product is amazing!  When we ordered this protector, we were wary, as we had ordered other items that didn’t work, from various other companies.  When we received your product and my husband used it, he was sold!  This product is amazing!  On a long trip my husband was miserable, as the seat belt would lay right across his bag.  He was always pulling and tugging on the seat belt.  Now he is so comfortable and loves this product!  In fact, we are ordering another for our other vehicle.  Thank you so much for a wonderful product!

Bruce & Julene S.  - OR



Dimensions & Weight
13.5" wide x 5" high x 1.5" thick.  5.5" wide middle span.
3 ounces.

100% Nylon / VelcroStraps/ Removable Dual Foam Inserts
Moisture / Water Resistant & Easily Washable

History & Testimonials

1. One size fits all

2. Durably made and water resistant

3. Installs in seconds

4. Only $34.95 plus shipping  & handling


Ostomy Protector Seatbelt


Attach the Ostomy Protector Seatbelt by opening the velcro straps and placing them around your vehicle's existing lap belt (or on the shoulder belt, across the chest for pacemaker/heart device patients).

Adjust for fit and comfort, allowing the spanning strap to span over the ostomy (or pacemaker/heart-assist devices).

Smile and travel worry & pressure free!